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LOL @ audio portal

2009-07-16 05:08:58 by kuu4

I just noticed that scores of the new songs at audio portal are massively affected by scoring (like 1-3) so i voted 0 to all the new ones. Lol.

Nothing personal :D


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2009-07-16 05:14:38

You're screwing the community and giving what they don't deserve.
Learn how to rate properly, you numb fuck.
Nothing personal.

kuu4 responds:

Oh am i?


2009-07-16 05:18:21

i will eat your soul

kuu4 responds:

I was hungry and i ate it myself, soz


2009-07-16 06:52:55

Become fucked, you unfunny retard.

kuu4 responds:

Thats not nice, is it?